Papa Joe's Bakehouse

Papa Joe’s Bakery began way back in 1996. Part retail outlet, part bread vendor, it offered the residents and Cafe’s of East Sydney over 140 different fresh breads.

Very soon it became clear that Papa Joe’s Banana bread was the star of the show and so production was moved into a larger facility in 2006  to meet the growing consumer demand.

These days Papa Joe’s Bakehouse produce thousands of freshly baked products each week, from the original Banana Bread to varieties Pear & Raspberry, Blueberry, Apple & Cinnamon, Fruit & Nut, Coconut and Chocolate Chip.

Continuing with their traditional recipe, which includes fresh Australian Bananas, the whole range is available national wide in a 2kg Cafe size for the food service industry, the 1kg “Family” size loaf from Green Grocers and the 700g retail range is available from Independent supermarkets (IGA and FoodWorks).

That’s why everybody knows Papa Joe’s Bakehouse is The home of Banana Breads.