Our most frequently asked questions

Where does Papa Joe's get their ingredients? +

The majority of Papa Joe’s suppliers are Australian based.

Our bananas are from North Queensland, we get our flour, sugar and canola oil from New South Wales and our eggs (Muffins and utility cakes) are from Victoria.

Does Papa Joe's use any preservatives in their Banana Breads? +

Papa Joe’s wholesale products are baked to a “clean recipe” and use only real fruits. This means that every ingredient used in our Banana Breads could easily be found in your kitchen pantry, refrigerator or even at your local supermarket. Our food service and Green Grocer range [2kg/1kg] are preservative free but our supermarket range [700g/500g]  include a Potassium based preservative (E202) which  increases shelf life due to the prevention of mold growth.

Are there any allergens in your products? +

Many people suffer from a wide range of different allergies. If you, or someone you know, is allergic to something in particular you should ALWAYS check to make sure it is not listed in the ingredients panel or the ‘may contain’ statement on any food product.

Is your packaging recyclable? +

Yes. Our Packaging complies with current Recycle requirements in Australia.

What is the difference between ‘Best Before’ and ‘Use By’ dates? +

‘Best Before’ is the recommended shelf life of a product, it is an indicator of when the product should be eaten by to ensure it is fresh. ‘Use By’ means it must be eaten on or by that date for product safety reasons. For more information go to Food Standards Australia & New Zealand website on www.foodstandards.gov.au

Are Papa Joes’ products genetically modified? +

While we and other food manufacturers cannot be totally sure that GE enzymes and processing aids are not used elsewhere in the supply chain, our policy is to use non GE ingredients. We also maintain an Approved Supplier Ingredient program and audit our existing and new ingredients on a strict and regular basis.

Are Papa Joes’ Banana Breads Vegan? +

Yes, Papa Joes’ Banana Bread range does not include any dairy or egg and is therefore Vegan friendly. Our Muffins and utility loaves have whole egg in the recipe and are classified suitable for vegetarians.

What is HACCP? +

Hazard analysis critical control points (HACCP) are steps taken to ensure a safe final product for the consumer. This process is documented and reviewed on an annual basis by nationally certified bodies. This system helps ensure the on going food safety program at Papa Joes’ Bakehouse.

Can I freeze Papa Joe’s Products? +

Yes. Storage temperature conditions for our product range from date of manufacture are as follows.

  • Frozen (-18°C): 6  Months
  • Refrigerated (0 – 5°C): 3-5 Weeks
  • Ambient (18 – 22°C): 7-14 Days

Tip: If storing in freezer, slice and individually wrap portions for next day as thawing process is approximately 2 hours and then ready to eat fresh or toasted.

Papa Joe’s Banana Bread is certified SQF Level 3

The full range of Papa Joe’s Banana Bread is certified SQF  Level 3 Manufacturing by Mereiux NutriScience Certification Services.  The quality of our products is guaranteed through the development, implementation and ongoing operation of a comprehensive, HACCP based Food Safety Programme.

Papa Joes Food Quality & Safety Certificate download.

Along with being HACCP, Papa Joe’s is an ongoing supporter of various charities at home and abroad.